Yupa's Washington DC Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 1, 2002

You will need: 2+ Advanced Players
Recommended:   Acid EQ

From Market Square: s, 4e, 3s, ent ship (cloak if can, pentara mobs are aggro), 
                    5w, s, e, ent bus
After entering bus, you can go east for Friendship Bracelet (A) and Claws (B), or n for the Rest.
A. Friendship Bracelet
   1. 2e, s, e: mob

   2. 2n: Dog <sacs, aggro>, lady <not aggro, no magic room>, *Hacksaw*

   3. s, e: Annoying brother, *clippers*

   4. w, s, unlock/open bush e, 2e, 3u: Bratty girl <aggro w/out rune, no magic 
      room>      >>>Don't open exit east<<<

   5. unlock/open hatch s, slide s, s, 4w, n, 2w

B. Homicidial Psycho Jungle Cat Claws

   1. From first mob (#1 in previous section; I'm too lazy to look it up), n, 
      w, push button, e, open floorboard, slide d, n: 2 Wizbaachs <assist>

   2. w: 2 Wizbaachs

   3. n: Freakalakka <aggro>

   4. n: Freakalakka

   5. n, e, n, w, 2e, u: 2 Green Fuz Nut of Death <scavenge, assist>

   6. n: Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat <aggro, flame, scavenge, maim>

C. On the Road....
   1. After entering bus, n, u: Reckless driver <aggro, sees cloak>

   2. w: Reckless

   3. 2w: 2 Reckless

   4. w: Ambulance

   5. n: Ambulance

   6. n: Ambulance

   7. n: Fire Truck <flame, scavenge>

   8. e: 2 News helicopter <aggro, see cloak, assist, maim, scavenge>

   9. e (1 person bottleneck), n: Bikers <aggro, wander>, limos <block, 
      scareable, wander>, american cars <sac!, wander>

C(a). Plaid Sock (Optional, skip to D otherwise)

   1. For Sock: all w, n until w to 7-11, pick/open stairs d, d: Habib
      Safe <a limo has crowbar key> w/ 15,000,000 coins, u, e, then follow the 
      next part

D. Wireless Headset, White Stockings

   1. all n, all e, d, 2e: 4 fly <assist, aggro w/out rune, acid, blindable>

   2. n: 5 fly
   3. w: 4 fly, Head honcho bug <aggro, disarm, take out first>

   4. 2n: Tour Guide

   5. Cloak, n: Secret Servicemen <aggro, don't see cloak, assist, wanders the 

   6. 4n, u, w, 2s: Head Secret serviceman <aggro, flame, frost, bolt, gas, no 
      magic room, hot room>

   7. Cloak, 2n, e, d, w, s, w, s, w, open door n, n: Bubbalou, *Janitors Keys*

   8. s, w, unlock/open sliding, n: The Maid

E. Wedding Ring, Jogging Suit (or: Meet the Clintons!)

   1. s, all e: Attendant, *Pocket Knife*

   2. u, unlock/open trapdoor, u: Susan <aggro>, Bob, *DieHard Video*

   3. d, n: Hillary Clinton <frost, scavenge>

   4. e: Chelsea Clinton

   5. s: Bubba

   6. unlock/open emergency, w, s: Bill Clinton <aggro, frost, block magic>

EQ Mobs

Bratty Girl:             Friendship Bracelet (AC 10, DR 5/Mana 40 Wrist)
Homicidial Psycho Cat:   Homicidial Psycho Jungle Cat Claws (9D6, 5/6 3-Attack  
                          Pierce Weapon)
Habib:                   A Plaid Sock (Ego 75/HP -100 Feet/Head)
Head Secret Serviceman:  Wireless Headset (AC 5, DR 6/Armor -15 Head)
The Maid:                White Stockings (AC ?, 5/5 Leg)
Hillary Clinton:         A Wedding Ring (AC 10, 5/5 Ring)
Bill Clinton:            Jogging Suit (AC 17, 7/5 Body)

Yupa's Notes

 1. Basically all the EQ mobs have ridiculous AC.  Make sure you have a couple 
    maimers in your group.  And wear your maiming caps.

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